Resource Balance Analysis

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RBApy - a package for building RBA models

RBApy is a Python package that enables creation and simulation of bacterial RBA models (Goelzer et al. Metab. Eng. 2015) and generates output files for visualisation (Escher maps and Proteomaps). The inputs needed in order to create an RBA model are an annotated metabolic reconstruction in Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) format and an Uniprot organism ID, which is used for automatic download and integration of macromolecular composition data into the model. RBApy supports the proprietary solvers CPLEX and Gurobi as well as the free solver GLPK. RBA models are stored in the RBA xml format described here. For installation and usage details, see Downloads.

The package is described in this article. Extensive documentation can be found on github with subpages on usage (including model construction, simulation, calibration, and requirements about SBML input models), installation, and documentation.

Citing RBApy

If you use RBApy for your research, please cite our article Bulović A. et al. (2019), Metabolic Engineering, 55, 12-22.